The ADC-T2000 Z-Wave smart thermostat provides users complete control over their home's heating and cooling system. The ADC-T2000 can be operated remotely using the Brinks Home Mobile App and is compatible with Z-Wave devices, allowing users to set smart scenes for full automated control of their thermostat.

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    ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat Guide

    Get started with your new smart thermostat.

    ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat Features

    Explore the basic features of the ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat.

    ADC-T2000—Battery Replacement

    View instructions for replacing your smart thermostat's batteries.

    Troubleshooting the ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat

    Our troubleshooting guide solves common problems associated with your smart thermostat.