Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to BH Security, LLC

  • We are excited to welcome Select Security customers to the BH Security, LLC family. We look forward to showing you the BH Security, LLC difference with our top-tier products and award-winning customer service. Continue reading to find answers to commonly asked questions about our account transfer process.  

Customer FAQ'S

  • Select Security has transferred your account to BH Security, LLC. They chose us because of our excellent reputation for customer service and support. We are happy to be your full-service provider and have over 25 years of experience with professional, smart security.

  • Yes. BH Security, LLC will fully assume responsibility for your account over the next few months. As of 3/24/21, you can expect to see BH Security, LLC on all your paperwork from us, including invoices and contracts. On the residential side of our business, we do business as Brinks Home™, which is why you may see that name in conjunction to BH Security, LLC.

  • Your professional monitoring will continue uninterrupted, and your billing date will stay the same. Alarm events will continue to be handled quickly by your Alarm Response Center (ARC).

  • Right now, continue to call Select Security customer service at 877.877.0345 for account questions. We will let you know if and when those numbers shift over to BH Security, LLC.

  • If you are on AutoPay, your billing will continue as usual. If you receive a paper invoice, you should expect to see it switch over to “BH Security, LLC” as of 3/24/21.

  • Continue to follow your existing process to cancel false alarms with Select Security. As a reminder, those steps are the following:

    When your company’s alarm goes off, if you are on site, you can immediately disarm it through the panel. Some alarm events, like smoke detectors going off repeatedly, will still result in a call. You should answer this call, as it will be our central station calling to check on you. Provide your code word and ask them to cancel the alarm. 

  • Your services will continue uninterrupted. Your commercial security needs are now being handled by BH Security LLC. 

  • BH Security, LLC does our residential business as Brinks Home. Your invoices and contracts will always say BH Security LLC, but you may also see Brinks Home in some paperwork. It’s the same company with the same award-winning customer service.

Armed Guard Response FAQ

  • If your Select Security account includes Armed Guard Response, please read on for information regarding your account’s transition to Monitronics:

  • We understand that Armed Guard Response is one of the reasons you chose Select Security, and we want to assure you that your response will continue. Armed guards will still promptly respond to any alarm signals we receive from your property. However, starting on February 22, 2021, that response will be provided by Vet-Sec Protection Agency.

  • At Monitronics, we value and are thankful for those who have served our nation. That’s one of the reasons we have partnered with Vet-Sec Protection Agency since 2008 to provide on-call armed protection for your account. Vet-Sec is a widely-known, respected company founded by three Army veterans who served in the Military Police Force. They are the largest armed response provider in the Southwestern United States.

  • Right now, you won’t see any changes within your account, and we don’t need anything from you. After February 22, 2021, everything regarding your account will seamlessly move over to Vet-Sec, and you’ll continue to have total control and access to your system. Your monitoring will remain uninterrupted, and your account will continue to have armed guard response, but from Vet-Sec instead of Select Security.

    The way in which you are communicated with regarding alarm incidents will be slightly different. Select Security will continue to serve your account until March, at which point Monitronics will begin managing your account.

    • Select Security will receive the signal and dispatch Vet-Sec to your business, as well as simultaneously calling you to make sure you’re safe.

    • If the alarm is active, Vet-Sec will communicate to Select Security, who will then contact you about the status of the alarm.

    • Select Security will also send you an email to follow-up about the event with additional information about the event.

    • For now, this email will come from [email protected], it will shift to [email protected] when your account transitions.

      • This email will include details about site information and alarm data (including date and time of alarm, date and time of alarm reset, and resolution code, if any). It will also include details on Vet-Sec’s dispatch, when they arrived on site, and the outcome.

  • Prior to February 22, 2021, your account’s Armed Guard response was provided through a special department at Select Security, and handled in-house. At Monitronics, we are committed to continuing to provide you with the protection you rely on, and have chosen a partner we trust to keep you and your property safe. After a thorough search, we feel that Vet-Sec can provide that assurance for you, and with over 20 years of experience armed alarm response, they know how to keep you safe. We are proud to support American heroes.

  • We want you to know what to expect when Vet-Sec sends their alarm response teams. They will drive either a black van with a red banner that reads “Vet-Sec”, or a white sedan with the same red banner. The response teams will be dressed in grey button-down shirt with a “Vet-Sec” patch above the left pocket and on the right arm sleeve.

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