Finding the Best Home Security System for the Money

Security System for the Money

While the cost for seemingly everything is soaring, it can be discouraging to consider investing in a new home security system, but a budget-conscious homeowner doesn’t need to break the bank to protect their assets. While a security system is designed to protect against the expense associated with risk, choosing the right system at the start can help you control the initial cost.

What Budget-Conscious Homeowners Should Look for in a Security System

Initial Cost

The first investment you make when buying a new security system is in the equipment. Essential equipment is usually made up of at least 3 pieces of equipment:

  • Control Panel

  • Door/Window Sensors

  • Motion sensor

This is bare bones, but this equipment list can give you control over arming and disarming your system, watching and recording activity at multiple entry points, and detecting motion in your home’s interior.

The part that costs the most is usually the control panel, so choose wisely from the panels available on the market. Cost savings may not always come in the form of a low sticker price. The cheapest appearing security panel might be a system that requires wiring, increasing the complexity of an installation, and requiring the services of an installation professional or handyperson. Know that a do-it-yourself system, which might include a tabletop panel and wireless, adhesive-mounted door/window sensors, could save you time and money during the initial setup.

Your panel should also support your current equipment, as well as any future sensors, smart home devices, and security cameras you may want to add. If you know that you want all these features, you will want to include the cost of eventually replacing the system or aim for a system that will support you as you add to it over time.

Recurring Cost

The equipment alone will have limited usefulness without a network. While a locally placed sensor may trigger a beep at your panel, audible while you are home, a network-connected home security system will be more helpful in communicating if a door is opened unexpectedly while you are away.

To receive notifications like this, your system will need to send you signals through the internet, and there is a high degree of variation between the companies that offer this service. The most effective service is professional home security monitoring, which supplies many benefits for a monthly recurring cost. Many can alert you to sensor activity and prompt a call to confirm if there is a real threat to verify if you need help, whether you’re home or away.

There may be other costs associated with things such as video streaming services and alarm permit requirements based on your municipality.

Cost of Maintenance

Another ongoing potential cost is maintenance. Maintenance can include routinely swapping out batteries in sensors, replacing aging equipment at the end of its life cycle, or ordering repair and replacement parts in case of an unexpected failure. There are cost-friendly solutions for each of these.

Purchasing batteries in bulk can save money, especially online or hardware retailers. Replacing batteries only when your system needs new batteries can also prevent their premature disposal. Many home security systems can be relied upon to convey low battery warnings, allowing you to get the most usage possible before replacement.

The expected life of your equipment ranges, depending on the device and how it is treated. For example, you may notice that your front door sensor has disproportionately higher usage than your home’s back door sensor, shortening its battery life. Likewise, a stand-mounted panel in a busy corridor within reach of kids and pets may accumulate more scuffs than a wall-mounted panel found above some living room furniture. Keep equipment clean, securely placed, and used respectfully to maximize its longevity.

For extra peace of mind, consider home security companies that offer an equipment protection plan. This can help safeguard you against some of the larger, unexpected expenses that come with replacing equipment outside of its normal warranty.

Why Homeowners on a Budget Need a Security System

Prevent Loss

Consider the potential expense of replacing your belongings, and the benefits of having a home security system become clear. In 2019, the FBI reported that victims of property crimes (excluding arson) suffered losses estimated at 15.8 billion dollars.

Presenting that your home is equipped with home security can act as a strong deterrent against potential thieves or vandals. If you are subscribed to a professional monitoring company, you should be able to order yard signs and window decals that promote that you are protected.

Safeguard against loss by installing sensors that can detect floods, freezes, or smoke. This can help you to minimize damage when environmental hazards threaten your life, health, or a significant loss of property.

Automation Can Save Money

You can save money over time by investing in a security system that integrates with smart home devices, such as by controlling the energy consumption of smart lights or thermostats by creating an automated schedule. This will help ensure your home is safely lit and comfortable at the times when you are expected to arrive home while also potentially saving you money.

Potential Insurance Discounts

While the actual amount of savings is entirely dependent on the discounts offered by your insurance company, homeowners' insurance discounts are often available with the installation of a professionally monitored security system.

Tips for Finding the Best Home Security System for Your Money

Take stock of your investment and secure your protection with a system designed around your needs and wants. You can study security system specifications and features online to ensure they cover your home’s specific vulnerabilities. Be certain to account for the costs associated with selecting a system that falls short of your future needs. Remember to protect your investment to optimize the life of your home security system.

Most of the enhanced features come with a subscription to a professional monitoring company. You can also speak with a Brinks Home™ Security Consultant for customized advice and plans designed to fit your particular needs. Call us today to get a quote.

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