Alarm Permit Information

An alarm permit is a registration of your alarm system with your local responding agencies.

  • Most jurisdictions require you to register your monitored home alarm system with the local police department. Some jurisdictions use "alarm registration" or "monitoring license fee" in place of "alarm permit".

Why is this important?

  • Many police departments will not respond without a valid permit on file. Additionally, false alarm fines may be higher if there is no permit on file. These fines vary by jurisdiction and in most instances, the fine amounts escalate with each occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being billed for my alarm permit?

  • Brinks Home is required to obtain the alarm permit and collect the fee on your behalf. This is according to the alarm ordinance in your jurisdiction. These fees are added onto your statement.

Do I need an alarm permit where I live?

  • Some cities and counties require home security system owners to have an alarm permit before they will send emergency personnel to your home. To determine if your city requires a permit, contact your local city hall or county office.

How can I get one?

  • Your local city hall or county office will have the forms available to apply for your alarm permit.

Can I register online?

  • Visit your city's website to search for online alarm registration or downloadable forms.

For additional permit questions, please email us at [email protected].