How to Find the Best Home Security System for Pet Owners

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A person might choose to get a guard dog for home security, and while certain breeds of dog have proven themselves effective due to their territorial nature, approximately 50% of US households occupied by at least one pet are much better served by a home security system which takes your pets into account.

A complete home security plan that incorporates your pets, as well as the safety of your family and your property, requires the right system that will prevent pet activity from triggering false alarms. Finding the perfect fit for your home means balancing effectiveness against any vulnerabilities while using special features that can provide benefits for your pet’s well-being.

What Do Pet-Owners Need to Look for in a Home Security System

A security system that is compatible with a pet-immune motion detector will help ensure that your pet’s activities within your property’s interior can be omitted from triggering an alarm. These work by using infrared heat sensors that detect the movement of bodies under a certain weight.

  • One motion detector that is recommended for its high rate of compatibility and pet immunity for animals up to 40 lbs is the TX-E721.

  • For larger pets, the PG9914 is able to provide pet immunity up to 85 lbs.

  • Other motion sensors without pet immunity can be installed to sense movement only in the top half of a room, away from floors where pets will roam. This is less effective for cats, as they tend to jump on very high surfaces, but tips are available for this situation.

Contact sensors alert if a door or window has been opened. This can provide awareness of openings through which a pet might escape. These warnings will be delivered when you arm the system to leave the house. If you’ve already left, and want to double-check, most systems allow you to log in remotely for the status of doors and windows, preventing you from having to make a return trip to be sure.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors integrated with your home security system alert you to dangerous conditions both locally and remotely. A professionally monitored home security system can also alert emergency responders.

Decals can be purchased to inform emergency responders of a pet, so if there is a gas leak, fire, or other unsafe condition, there is a greater chance that they will be rescued. As a preventative measure, displaying decals that show you have professionally monitored security is proven to be a deterrent to intruders, which can provide an additional layer of safety if the pets are home alone.

Why Pet Owners Need a Home Security System

Pet owners in particular can benefit from having a home security system, especially when pairing the system with compatible smart home and security cameras. This can include cameras, smart door locks, smart lights and switches, and thermostats.

Modern systems pair with smart home security cameras that can use video analytics to differentiate between people, pets, and vehicles in or around your property. This is another way to prevent false alarms effectively. Also, it is common for pet owners to use a live camera feed to check in on their pet’s activities.

A live video feed is usually viewed from a smartphone using a mobile app, or a connected security panel can often be used for two-way communication. The sound of your voice can help relax a pet that has separation anxiety, or you can remotely discourage bad behavior if, for instance, your pets become interested in the trash.

Other ways to ease anxiety in pets are to set up automatically timed lights when it gets dark outside or program smart switches to turn on which are connected to a radio just for background noise. These can be scheduled or remotely activated from a mobile app.

Some homeowners choose to meet a pet’s social needs by hiring a pet sitter or a dog walking service. To provide temporary access to personnel, smart locks can be programmed with temporary visitor codes, or, if you would rather, video camera doorbells have two-way communication that allows you to verify visitors before you remotely unlock your home. Additionally, a smart garage door controller can provide access for safer package deliveries, such as when you order pet food in bulk or purchase a new chew toy.

During the heat of summer or the icy chill of winter, temperature extremes can be hazardous to both your pet and your property, such as the risk of freezing pipes. Having a smart thermostat can help your home stay within a comfortable and safe range while you are away, and it can be optimized for your personal comfort while you are at home.

Tips for finding the best home security system for a house with pets

The best plan for home security is a holistic plan that considers both your home and your family's needs, including the specific needs of your pets. Ongoing support can address issues, such as reducing the sensitivity of glassbreak sensors if your dog’s bark triggers an alarm. Professional installation can also help with ideal sensor placement, preventing these from being damaged if the dog scratches at the door.

Working with a professional security monitoring company is the best way to find the perfect fit which takes everything into account. With Brinks Home™, you can count on continuous support for all your qualified equipment. Contact us today to speak with a Security Consultant.

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