GC3—Tamper Error

A tamper error occurs when the sensor reads the panel's cover is not attached properly. To address the tamper error on your GC3 panel, follow the instructions below.

1. Remove the bottom screw, and pull the front from the backplate.

GC3 Battery Replacement 1

2. Take note of the tamper button which much be pressed by the cover when closed. Ensure the cover conforms to the back of the panel and is not obstructed by the wires or the battery pack.

001a GC3 Tamper Button

3. Return the bottom screw to secure the panel into place, and see the below instructions to clear the error from the panel.

Clear the Panel Alert

See instructions below for how to clear the error alert and stop alert beeping on your panel.

1. Press the message icon on the top bar, then press Alerts in the pop-up window to view and silence trouble.

01a Trouble 05 278x167 01b Trouble 06 278x167 01c Trouble 07 278x167

2. Press the back button or the home button to exit. Trouble displays will not clear until the trouble is corrected.

02a Trouble 09 278x167 02b GC3 Home Button