How to Program Wi-Fi on the GC3 Panel

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Press System Settings, then enter your master code.

GC3_WiFi_Program_01_Ready_To_Arm.png GC3_WiFi_Program_02_Enter_Code.png

2. Press Network Settings, then Wireless.

GC3_WiFi_Program_03_System_Settings.png GC3_WiFi_Program_04_Network_Main.png

3. Select your Wi-Fi network, then enter your password. Press Next.

GC3_WiFi_Program_05_List_Networks.png GC3_WiFi_Program_06_Enter_Encryption.png

4. Once the GC3 connects to your network and displays network settings, press the back button to exit.

GC3_WiFi_Program_07_Connecting.png GC3_WiFi_Program_08_Network_Stats.png

5. If successful, Connected shows on screen. Press the back button or Home to exit.

GC3_WiFi_Program_09_Connected.png GC3_Home_Button_2.jpg