GC3/GC3e Panel Features

Below are the features found on the GC3 panel:

  • Touchscreen Display: a large, full-color, 7-in screen with an intuitive, gesture-based user interface
  • Piezo Sounder and Internal Speaker: an 85 dB sounder for external alarms and an internal speaker to delivers voice annunciations, chimes, and other system notifications
  • Alarm Button/LED Indicator: tap this button to show panic, fire, and emergency buttons
  • Home Button/LED Indicator: a button to wake the touchscreen or used as a shortcut to the home screen
  • Removable Faceplate: conceals a door lock for the cellular radio module bay
  • Microphone and Speaker: provide clear 2-way voice communication during alarm events between users at the panel and the Alarm Response Center
  • Cellular Radio Module with Internal Antenna: snaps-in neatly in the side panel
  • 24-Hour Backup Battery: supports the GC3e panel during temporary AC power failures and outages
  • USB Port: a convenient port at the top of the GC3e panel that can be used with a USB thumb drive to update the system’s firmware
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: allows the system to be connected to a Wi-Fi network for dual path communication, OTA updates, and connection with secondary keypads
  • Built-in Access Point: allows for a direct connection with secondary keypads via Wi-Fi without the need to connect to a local network
  • Smart Areas: supports up to 4 smart areas
  • Security Codes: supports up to 100 unique, programmable, security codes for accessing system functions, including one master code, one duress code, and one installer code
  • Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus Compatibility: supports up to 232 smart home devices
  • Date, Time, and Weather Forecasts: displays your local information based on your monitored address zip code
  • System Vocabulary/Voice Descriptors: a list that installers can use to customize sensor names and system announcements