GC3 Panel—Add User Code

  1. Press System Settings, then enter your master code.
  2. GC3_User_Codes_01_Ready_To_Arm.png GC3_User_Codes_02_Enter_Code.png

  3. Press Users, then press Add User.
  4. GC3_User_Codes_03_Main_Menu.png GC3_User_Codes_Add_00_List.png

  5. Enter a new user name, then press Next. Enter a new user code, then press Next again.
  6. GC3_User_Codes_Add_01_Enter_Name.png GC3_User_Codes_Add_02_Enter_User_Code.png

  7. Re-enter the new user code to confirm, then press Next to save the user. Press Back to exit the menu.
  8. GC3_User_Codes_Add_03_Confirm_User_Code.png GC3_User_Codes_Add_04_List_with_New_User.png