GC3 - WIFI Test

1. Press System Settings then enter the default installer code 1561.

GC3_WiFi_Test_01_Ready_to_Arm.jpg GC3_WiFi_Test_02_Enter_Code.jpg

2. Scroll down then press Installer Toolbox.

GC3_WiFi_Test_03_System_Settings_1.jpg GC3_WiFi_Test_04_System_Settings_2.jpg

3. Press Network Test, then press Start.

GC3_WiFi_Test_06_Installer_Toolbox.jpg GC3_WiFi_Test_07_WiFi_Test_Main.jpg

4. Network, internet, and alarm.com connection tests will each be conducted and will display any issues upon completion. Press Back or Home to exit.

GC3_WiFi_Test_08_WiFi_Test.jpg GC3_WiFi_Test_09_Test_Complete.jpg