How does the WPS button work?


What does WPS mean?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. It is a wireless network security standard that allows connections between a router and wireless devices, such as security cameras, faster and easier. WPS works only for wireless networks that use a password that is encrypted with the WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols. WPS doesn't work on wireless networks that are using the deprecated WEP security.


The WPS button simplifies the connection process

Here are two examples of how the connections are performed:

  • • Press the WPS button on your router to turn on the discovery of new devices. Then, go to your device and select the network you want to connect to. The device is automatically connected to the wireless network without having to enter the network password.
  • • You may have devices like wireless printers or cameras with their own WPS button that you can use for making quick connections. Easily connect them to your wireless network by pressing the WPS button on the router and then on those devices. WPS automatically sends the network password, and these devices remember it for future use.

The below video demonstrates how to successfully pair a Brinks Home camera to your router using WPS mode, using the ADC-723 outdoor camera as an example.