Concord - Add Z-Wave Thermostat

Requires cellular communication module

1. Hold Z-Wave button on cellular daughter-board until L2 LED flashes 4-blink pattern


2. Enter Z-Wave learn mode on the thermostat ADC-T2000

1. Press MODE button to display temperature, press MODE until heat/cool icons disappear

T2000_Setup_03.jpg T2000_Setup_02.jpg

2. Hold DOWN ARROW until Radio Wave Icon appears below temperature display

T2000_Setup_03.jpg ADC-T3000

1. Press MENU button to display Menu then press DOWN ARROW until SETTINGS

Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_00.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_01.jpg

2. Press ENTER button to select then press DOWN ARROW until NETWORK

Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_02.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_03.jpg

3. Press ENTER button to select then press UP or DOWN ARROW to highlight ADD

Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_04.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_05b.jpg

4. Press ENTER button to select and start Z-Wave learn mode

Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_05.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_06.jpg

5. Learning may take up to 1 minute to complete and exit


Radio Thermostat CT-20 or GE Basic Thermostat
Remove top cover then press MATE button


Radio Thermostat CT30, CT100 and CT101

1. Press MENU button, "r1" displays and MATE appears under antenna icon

Radio_Thermostat_CT100_01.jpg Radio_Thermostat_CT100_01.jpg

2. Press MATE under antenna which flashes, if successful LINK appears, press MENU to exit

Radio_Thermostat_CT100_04.jpg Radio_Thermostat_CT100_Link.jpg

Radio Thermostat CT110

Press left side Antenna button


GoControl or RCS Technologies TBZ-48

1. Hold FAN button 5 seconds until SETUP then press UP ARROW button until ZWAVE

GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_01.jpg GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_02.jpg

2. Press MODE button to select then press MODE button again to learn

GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_03.jpg GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_04.jpg

3. If successful press FAN button to exit, antenna icon appears by temperature display

GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_05.jpg GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_06.jpg

Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat

Press LEFT button twice then scroll to Z-WAVE INSTALL and press SELECT button


IQ Thermostat

Hold HOME button for 2 seconds until "NOC" then press PROGRAM button until "Srh"


Thermostat displays "done" if successful press Home button to exit

3.png 4.png

Radio Thermostat CT30/CT100/CT101

Press MENU button then press the MATE icon below radio icon, "r1" appears

Press MATE icon again, MATE flashes, if l successful "LINK" displays, press MENU to exit

3. If successful Concord keypad beeps and L2 LED turns ON for 1 minute