Concord—Add Z-Wave Thermostat

Z-Wave compatibility requires an cellular communication module.

1. Hold the Z-Wave button on cellular daughter-board until L2 LED flashes 4-blink pattern.


2. Enter the Z-Wave learn mode on the thermostat. ADC-T2000

1. Press Mode to display the temperature, then press Mode again until the heat/cool icons disappear.


2. Hold the down arrow until the Radio Wave icon appears below the temperature display.

T2000_Setup_03.jpg ADC-T3000

1. Press Menu to display the main menu, then press the down arrow until you reach settings.

Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_00.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_01.jpg

2. Press Enter to select Settings, then press the down arrow until you reach network.

Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_02.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_03.jpg

3. Press Enter to select Network, then press the up or down arrows to highlight add.

Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_04.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_05b.jpg

4. Press Enter to start the Z-Wave learn mode.

Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_05.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_06.jpg

5. Learning may take up to 1 minute to complete and exit.


Radio Thermostat CT-20 or GE Basic Thermostat
Remove the top cover, then press the mate button.


Radio Thermostat CT30, CT100 and CT101

1. Press Menu. The screen will display r1, and mate appears under the antenna icon.

Radio_Thermostat_CT100_01.jpg Radio_Thermostat_CT100_01.jpg

2. Press Mate under antenna which flashes. If successful, Link appears. Press Menu to exit.

Radio_Thermostat_CT100_04.jpg Radio_Thermostat_CT100_Link.jpg

Radio Thermostat CT110

Press the left side antenna button.


GoControl or RCS Technologies TBZ-48

1. Hold Fan for 5 seconds until Setup displays, then press the up arrow button until you reach Z-Wave.

GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_01.jpg GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_02.jpg

2. Press Mode to select, then press Mode again to learn.

GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_03.jpg GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_04.jpg

3. If successful, press Fan to exit, and the antenna icon appears by the temperature display.

GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_05.jpg GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_06.jpg

Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat

Press the left button twice, then scroll to Z-Wave Install. Press the select button.

Trane_Thermostat_01.jpg Trane_TZ45_Learn_02

IQ Thermostat

Hold the home button for 2 seconds until NOC displays, then press the program button until Srh displays.


Thermostat displays Done if successful, then press the home button to exit.

3.png 4.png

Radio Thermostat CT30/CT100/CT101

Press Menu, then press Mate below the radio icon. The screen will display r1.

Smart Home Thermostat Programming Smart Home Thermostat Z-Wave Programming

Press Mate again, then Mate flashes on screen. If successful, Link displays, then press Menu to exit.

Smart Home Programming Link Smart Home Programming Link 2

3. If successful, the Concord keypad beeps and the L2 LED turns on for 1 minute.

Smart Home Programming Link 3