How to Program a Door/Window Sensor to the GC2 Panel

This brief instructional video demonstrates how to successfully program a door/window sensor to the 2GIG GC2 panel.

Video Instructions:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. To program a door/window contact into a security zone, you will first need to access the installer toolbox. Press the 2GIG logo on your panel screen, then enter the default installer code 1561.

Programming_-_Enter_Program_01.png Programming_-_Enter_Program_02.png

2. Press System Configuration, select a sensor zone number not currently in use (01 to 48, 63-74), then press the down arrow.

Programming_-_Enter_Program_03.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_01_Select.png

3. Press the left or right arrows to select Sensor Type, then press the down arrow.

  • Note: When you arm your panel, (01) sets an entry/exit delay of 30 seconds, and (02) sets an entry/exit delay of 45 seconds. (01) and (02) should be used for doors. (03) Perimeter should be used if the sensor is set to a window.


4. If 04, 06, 07, 08, 10, or 23 were selected above, enter Equipment Type, then press the down arrow.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_03_Equipment_Type.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_03_Equipment_Type_2.png

5. Press the right arrow to select the equipment code (0862) 2GIG thin door/window contact. Press the down arrow to continue.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_02_Equipment_Code_0862_Door_Sensor.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_02_Equipment_Code_0869_PIR1.png


6. Enter the sensor serial number. To auto-learn the sensor, press Shift then Learn, then activate the sensor.

  • Note: If you choose to add wirelessly without entering the serial number, ensure the battery pull tab is removed and that the sensor is in a closed state. Press shift on the panel, then press learn. Open the sensor by opening your door or window, then return it to a closed state. Your panel will display your sensor's information if it was recognized. You can press ok to continue.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_05_Serial_Number_1.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_05_Serial_Number_2.png

7. If the sensor learns successfully press Ok, then press the down arrow.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_05_Serial_Number_3.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_05_Serial_Number_4.png

8. Enter 0 at Equipment Age, then press the down arrow.


9. Enter Loop Number 1 or 2, then press the down arrow.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_07_Loop_Number.png Sensor_Loop_Numbers.png

10. Enter 1 to enable the 30-second dialer delay, then press the down arrow.


11. Press Insert, then use the left or right arrows to scroll through descriptions to name your sensor.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_09_Description_1_Blank.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_09_Description_2_Front.png

12. To add an additional word to your sensor description, press Insert, then use the left or right arrows to scroll through descriptions.


13. Enter 1 to enable sensor reporting, then press the down arrow.


14. Enter 1 to enable sensor supervision, then press the down arrow.


15. Enter 0 to 13 to select a sensor chime, then press the down arrow.


16. Press Edit Current to make any changes to your entry. Press Edit Next for the next sensor; otherwise, to save your entries, press Skip, then press End, and finally press Exit.


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