GC2 GoControl - Program TS-1 Touchscreen

1. Press BRINKS logo at bottom right then enter Installer Code 1561

Programming_-_Enter_Program_01.png Programming_-_Enter_Program_02.png

2. Press SYSTEM CONFIGURATION then press GO TO button

Programming_-_Enter_Program_03.png Programming_-_Enter_Program_04.png

3. Press 04 then press left or right arrows to scroll to unused keypad then down arrow

Programming_-_Enter_Program_05.png 2GIG_Q4_PAD1_Programming_1a_Select.png

4. Press arrows to scroll to USED then press down arrow

2GIG_Q4_PAD1_Programming_2a_Used.png 2GIG_Q4_PAD1_Programming_2_Used.png

5. Press arrows to select (1059) 2GIG-TS1 wireless touchscreen then press down arrow

2GIG_Q4_PAD1_Programming_3_Equipment_Code.png 2GIG_Q4_TS-1_Touchscreen_Programming_1_Equipment_Code.png

6. Press LEARN button then on TS-1 Touchscreen press PAIR WITH PANEL

2GIG_Q4_TS-1_Touchscreen_Programming_2_Learn.png 2GIG-TS1_Keypad_Front_Medium_with_Display.jpg

7. If successful press OK button then press down arrow

2GIG_Q4_TS-1_Touchscreen_Programming_4_Success.png 2GIG_Q4_TS-1_Touchscreen_Programming_5_Next.png

8. Press INSERT then left or right arrows to scroll to the first word

2GIG_Q4_PAD1_Programming_7_Descriptor_1.png 2GIG_Q4_PAD1_Programming_7a_Descriptor_1.png

9. Press INSERT then arrows to scroll to 2nd word (up to 16) then press down arrow

2GIG_Q4_PAD1_Programming_7_Descriptor_2.png 2GIG_Q4_PAD1_Programming_7_Descriptor_3.png

10. Press EDIT NEXT button for next touchscreen or SKIP then END to exit

2GIG_Q4_TS-1_Programming_5_Summary.png Q05_Exit.png

11. Press EXIT to exit programming