Create a Smart Man Cave

Door/Window Sensor:
The Brinks Home Encrypted Door/Window Sensor is an ultra-compact sensor that securely connects to the Brinks Home Touch and has a single function: to detect the opening and closing of doors and windows. But, these sensors can go beyond just doors and windows. They can also be used on drawers, safes, garage doors, cabinets, even the refrigerator.

Need to rename a sensor for your Man Cave? Learn how here.

Everyone knows the man cave has the best snacks, make sure the kids aren’t sneaking in there to steal them! You can also protect your refreshments with a discreet contact sensor on the fridge door. When opened, it will send you a smartphone alert. You can also customize these alerts so you only get them if you're not home.

Learn how to set up a smartphone alert here.

We all know Dad’s do not like the thermostat to be touched! That’s why our Smart Thermostat is perfect for every Dad, it takes care of worries like security, safety and energy costs. The Smart Thermostat knows when an open door is costing you money and responds proactively by setting back to save energy until the door is closed. The Smart Thermostat's auto-setback feature solves the oldest Dad peeve in the book: higher AC bills from kids leaving the door open. Happy Father's Day!

Learn how to configure your Thermostat schedule here.


Automated lighting:
Now, you can make any light or lamp "smart"—even if it's shaped like a woman's leg—by connecting it to a smart plug. Your lights (or neon beer sign) will be responsive to both smartphone commands and automation triggers, such as your Man Cave's door being opened.

Remote-controlled entry for friends:
When your friends come over for the big game, the first thing they’ll notice is the new doorbell on your front door. If you think they'll be impressed when they hear you talking to them through the speaker via your phone, just wait until you unlock the front door and let them in, only to reveal you've been on the couch the whole time. If the doorbell rings during the game, you'll know if the pizza has arrived or if it's a salesperson who you can send on their way right through the app.


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