Lynx Touch - Program Duress Code

1. Press SECURITY then press the bottom right MORE tab

Add_User_Code_01_Main.jpg Add_User_Code_02_Security_1.jpg

2. Press TOOLS then enter the Master Code

Add_User_Code_04_Enter_Code.jpg Add_User_Code_03_Security_2.jpg

3. Press USERS then press to highlight DURESS then press EDIT button

Add_User_Code_05_User_Menu.jpg Program_Duress_Code_01_User_Menu.jpg

4. Press User Code then enter new Duress Code then press DONE to exit

Program_Duress_Code_02_Main_1.jpg Program_Duress_Code_03_Enter_Code.jpg

5. Press SAVE to exit then press BACK to exit User Code menu

Program_Duress_Code_04_Main_2.jpg Program_Duress_Code_05_Exit.jpg

6. Press bottom right BACK tab or the HOME button to exit

Add_User_Code_13_Exit.jpg Lynx_Touch_L5210_Home_Button.jpg