GC3—Add Z-Wave Door Lock

1. Press System Settings, then enter the default installer code 1561.

Disarmed.jpg Enter_Code.png

2. Press Smart Home Settings, then press Add Devices.

Settings_Menu.png Add_Device_01.png

3. The GC3 enters Z-Wave learn mode.


Schlage Deadbolt

  1. Enter the 6-digit programming code provided in the Schlage documentation.
  2. Press Schlage, then 0. The Schlage button flashes orange.


Kwikset Deadbolt

  • Open the battery cover and press the button beside SmartCode.


Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt:

  1. Touch the screen with the back of your hand or fingers to activate.
  2. Enter the 4 to 8-digit master code, then press #. The lock should sound a happy tone.
  3. Press 7, then press # to enroll. The lock should sound a "Happy" tone.



  1. Learning may take up to 1 minute. When finished, press Ok.
  2. Add_Device_03.png Add_Device_04.png

  3. Press Rename, enter the light module name, then press Done.
  4. Add_Device_05.png Add_Device_06.png

  5. Press the back arrow on the GC3 or the home button to exit.

Add_Device_07.png GC3_Home_Button_2.jpg