Concord - Silence Reset Trouble

1. Keypad beeps and displays PRESS STATUS or * by the date, press * button to view


2. Trouble displays then returns to normal, trouble display stops when trouble ends


Possible Troubles

  • AC Failure = Power failure
  • Back in Service = Not a trouble, Concord is now back online
  • Bus Failure = A keypad or expansion module trouble or failure
  • CPU Low Bat = Low system battery
  • Memory Failure = Internal panel trouble
  • Phone Failure = Fail to communicate
  • Receiver Failure = Wireless receiver trouble
  • Sensor Low Bat = Sensor low battery
  • Sensor Tamper = Sensor trouble or sensor cover was removed or not replaced properly
  • Sensor Trouble = Sensor supervisory trouble or dead sensor battery
  • Supervisory Error = Keypad trouble