How to Clear Alerts on the Concord

1. The keypad beeps and displays Press Status or (*) by the date. Press the asterisk (*) key to view the trouble.


2. The trouble displays then returns to normal. The trouble display stops when trouble ends.


Possible Troubles

  • AC Failure = Power failure
  • Back in Service = Not a trouble, Concord is now back online
  • Bus Failure = A keypad or expansion module trouble or failure
  • CPU Low Bat = Low system battery
  • Memory Failure = Internal panel trouble
  • Phone Failure = Fail to communicate
  • Receiver Failure = Wireless receiver trouble
  • Sensor Low Bat = Sensor low battery
  • Sensor Tamper = Sensor trouble or sensor cover was removed or not replaced properly
  • Sensor Trouble = Sensor supervisory trouble or dead sensor battery
  • Supervisory Error = Keypad trouble

Note that alerts will return if the condition has not been corrected with the sensor itself, unless you have opted to bypass the sensor entirely, such as when you are waiting for a replacement.

If you need further assistance, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.