Motion Detector—Tamper Error

A tamper error occurs when the panel is reading that the sensor's cover is not attached properly. Click on the image of your panel below to determine which motion detector you have in order to view instructions on how to resolve the tamper error.

C._IQ_PANEL_2.pngC._Simon_XTi.pngC._Simon_XT.pngC. 2GIG

For additional panels not shown above, click here to search for directions by the panel name, or you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.

Tips to resolve the tamper error:

    • Ensure batteries fit within their intended compartment
    • Ensure the cover is replaced snugly into its designed casing
    • Ensure any fasteners, such as screws or tabs, are tightened or securely locked into place
    • Additional action may be required at the panel to fully clear the error