How to Program the IQ Remote to the IQ Panel 2

Follow the directions below to connect your QW9104-840 IQ Remote keypad to the IQ Panel 2.

1. Press and hold the power button on the IQ Remote for approximately 5 seconds to power up the device.

2. Press Activate Wi-Fi, then select the same network that your IQ Panel 2 is connected to.

3. Using the main IQ Panel 2, press Settings, then Advanced Settings.

4. Enter the default installer code 1111, then press Installation.

5. Press Devices, then press Wi-Fi Devices.

6. Press IQ Remote Devices, then press Pair.

7. Using the IQ Remote keypad, touch Pair so that it will connect with the IQ Panel 2.

The IQ Remote will take a moment to synchronize with the IQ Panel 2 over the network. If a software update is available, it will download automatically. Once complete, the home screen will appear. To add additional IQ Remote tablets, repeat the steps above with up to three total devices.