Tour the Brinks Home Protect America Mobile App

You have one home—why not have one app to control it? With the Brinks Home™ Protect America Mobile App, control your security system, thermostat, locks, lights and more all from the palm of your hand.

Main Menu

1. Log in to the Brinks Home Protect America Mobile App to access all services. For login help, click here.

0000 Login

2. Select any option from the main menu shown below. Options are detailed below.

0000.1 Home Screen (Blank)


1. To arm, disarm, or view the status of your system, press Security.

0000.1a Home Screen (Security) 0000.2a Security (Armed Stay)

2. Press Click to Disarm or the armed icon, then enter your disarm code (user code/master code).

0000.3a Security (Click Disarm)

0000.4a1 Disarm (Enter Disarm Code) 0000.4a Disarm (Enter Disarm Code)

3. Once the system is disarmed, it will display disarmed on the top of the app. Press Stay to arm in stay mode or Away to arm in away mode. If you arm in away mode, an exit time will begin.

0000.5a Disarmed 0000.6a Arming Delay


1. From the main menu, press Locks.

0000.1b Home Screen (Locks)

2. From the locks menu, you will have the option to select a configured lock, then you can lock or unlock the selected deadbolt.

0000.2b Locks


1. From the main menu, press Activity to review your activity history.

0000.1c Home Screen (Activity)

2. Review the list provided for detailed activity.

0000.2c Home Screen (Activity)

Garage Door

1. From the main menu, press Garage Door to control the garage door.

0000.1d Home Screen (Garage)

2. Garage doors will be listed in this menu. You can select your garage door, then open, close, or check the status of your garage door.

0000.2d Home Screen (Garage)


1. From the main menu, press Video.

0000.1e Home Screen (Video)

2. Select which camera you wish to view.

0000.2e Home Screen (Video)

3. Once you have selected a camera, choose to view the live feed or select recorded clips to review that clip.

0000.3e Home Screen (Video)


1. From the main menu, press Lights.

0000.1f Home Screen (Lights)

2. Lights and appliances will be displayed in the All tab. You can select your lights or appliances, then turn on or off from this menu.

0000.2f Home Screen (Lights)


1. From the main menu, press Thermostat.

0000.1g Home Screen (Thermostat)

2. From the Thermostat menu, you can set the temperature for any linked heating/cooling unit.

0000.2g Home Screen (Thermostat)


1. From the main menu, press Scenes.

0000.1h Home Screen (Scenes)

2. Once you have programmed devices, lights, and appliances to your scene, they can all be toggled on or off. Press the On/Off Toggle Switch to toggle a device on.

001 Scenes Off 002a Scenes On


1. From the main menu, press Settings.

0000.1i Home Screen (Settings)

2. Choose from a list of settings, detailed below.

004 Settings

  • • Auto Login allows you to remain logged in without needing to enter or confirm your credentials each time you want to use the app.
  • • Video Mode allows you to toggle between streaming formats.
  • • Notifications will allow you to receive push notifications to your phone, and more information can be found about this by clicking here.
  • • Detect Cameras allows you to find any cameras already connected to your home Wi-Fi.
  • • Add and Edit Camera will allow you to add or change cameras that you can access through the mobile app.
  • • Add or Edit Z-Wave Device will allow you to add or change Z-Wave devices that you can access through the mobile app.
  • • Optimize Network allows you to reconfigure your mesh network, optimizing the communication signals between devices. It is recommended that you do this after adding or removing any Z-Wave devices.

For more information about changing push notifications in the app, click here


1. From the main menu, press Support.

0000.1j Home Screen (Support)

2. The Support button will direct you to the Brinks Home Help Center where you can find helpful videos and how-to articles for all your system needs.

003 Support Center (Help Center)

Live Help

1. From the main menu, press Live Help.

0000.1k Home Screen (Live Help)

2. You can also text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.

Bill Pay

1. From the main menu, press Bill Pay.

0000.1l Home Screen (Bill Pay)

2. Log in to the Brinks Home Customer Portal to make a payment. For additional information on how to make a payment, click here.

005 Bill Pay