How to Make a Payment

You can make a payment on your Brinks Home™ account in the Brinks Home Mobile App or in the Customer Portal.

Pay your bill in the Brinks Home Mobile App:

1. Sign in to the Brinks Home Mobile App.

2. Scroll down to the Quick Links section and select Make a Payment.


3. If you have a payment method stored, select the radio button beside the payment account; otherwise, select the radio button for New Payment Method.


4. Skip to step 7 if you are using stored payment information. If entering a new payment method, enter an account nickname, and select whether you will be using a Bank Account or Credit Card number.

003-Mobile_App-New_Pay_Method.png 004-Mobile_App-New_Acct_Type.png

5. Complete the Account billing information form, including the payment account holder's name and billing address.

005a-Mobile_App-Payment_Billing_Info.png 005b-Mobile_App-Payment_Billing_Info_2__Misc_.png

6. Enter the corresponding credit card or bank account information being used to make a one-time payment.

006a-Mobile_App-If_Credit.png 006b-Mobile_App-If_Bank_Acct.png

7. Once a payment method is chosen or entered, provide the amount you would like to pay. The total due will be shown at the top of the app.


8. Once you have confirmed the payment amount, you will receive a Payment Complete confirmation screen, completing the transaction.


Pay your bill in the Brinks Home Customer Portal:

  1. Sign in to the Brinks Home Customer Portal.
  1. Navigate to My Bill at the top of your screen.
  1. Select Make a Payment in the drop-down menu.


  1. Select Sign Up for AutoPay or Make a one-time Payment.


  1. Enter your payment information, payment date, and payment amount.
  1. Select Next.
  1. Confirm the details of your payment by selecting Confirm.

Video Instructions:

Avoid the $4.99 paper statement fee and never miss a payment by enrolling in automatic payments with AutoPay or opting into electronic billing. You can set up your automatic monthly payments using your bank account or a credit card and will still be able to view your statement at any time in the Brinks Home Customer Portal.

Chat to pay with our digital payment system:

Simply chat online or text 469.482.9315 and follow the prompts to pay your balance.

Call to pay for a convenience fee:

You can call 800.447.9239 and a Support Representative can take your payment over the phone for a convenience fee.

Mail your payment:

You can mail your payment to:

Brinks Home Security Funding LP

Department CH 8628

Palatine, IL 60055-8628