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How to Register for a Customer Portal Account

Learn how to create your Brinks Home™ Customer Portal account.

How to Read Your Brinks Home Bill

Learn how to read your bill.

What Is the Cost Recovery Fee on My Bill?

Learn why there is a cost recovery fee on your monthly statement.

Paper Statement Fees

If you receive paper statements, you may notice a fee applied to your monthly bill.

Brinks Home Account Cancellation

Learn how to connect with a Support Representative who can safely and securely update your account and provide options as needed.

Electronic Billing

Sign up for Electronic Billing

How to Find Your Billing and Payment History

You can find your billing and payment history in the Customer Portal.

How to Find Your Billing Due Date

You can find your billing due date on your monthly statement, which can be found in the Customer Portal.

Brinks Home AutoPay

Enroll in AutoPay to ensure your payments are made on time, every time.

How to Update Your Payment Method

You can update your payment method in the Customer Portal.