How to Read Your Brinks Home Bill

Statement Example Full Size Page

Whether you receive your statements by mail or electronically through the Brinks Home™ Customer Portal, your bill will include common elements, which are detailed below.

  • • Customer number: you can find your customer number in the center of the gray box. This can be used to identify your account when communicating with a Support Representative or when you first register for the Customer Portal.
  • • Payment due date: located in the center-right of the gray box, this is the date when your payment is due, and if you are signed up with AutoPay, this is the date your payment will be drafted.
  • • Total due: appearing just below the gray box on the right side of the statement, this is the amount due on your due date.

  • Itemized Details

  • • 24-hour monitoring: this line on your bill is for continuous monitoring of any signals that might be sent from your system to the Brinks Home monitoring station throughout your contract period or month-to-month service.
  • • Cost recovery fee: not associated with your monthly monitoring rate, this fee recovers costs associated with the monitoring and maintenance of your system, including overall changing technology, such as 2G and 3G communications that are being phased out.
  • • Tax: this amount varies between municipalities.

  • Other Potential Charges

  • • Additional equipment: equipment charges when items are ordered or added during a technician visit.
  • • Past due balance: any amount previously charged that is remaining on your account.
  • • Credits: any positive balance, refunds, or credits issued to your account.
  • • Permit charges: if applicable, charges for permits.
  • • Technician charges: if applicable, charges resulting from a technician visit.