Simon XT—Remote Touchscreen Troubleshooting

"My Touchscreen is not recognizing that windows/doors/motions are being activated, even when the panel says they are".

This type of error is something that we see fairly often. It is generally caused by a communications issue between the panel and the touchscreen. Fortunately, this type of error is generally fixed easily.

The first thing to do is perform a "push" of the communications between the panel and the touchscreens ("Push" is just tech lingo for a communications reset). To do this:

1) Scroll to System Programming, press OK, enter 4321, and the press OK again.
2) Scroll down to Sensors and press OK
3) Scroll down to Edit Sensors and press OK
4) Scroll down to the touchscreen and press OK
5) Scroll through all the setting until until the lights below the main display (Doors and Windows, Motions, Disarm,and Status) begin to flash. Do not press any buttons while those lights are flashing since the panel is busy performing the reset on the touchscreen.
6) When the lights stop flashing, press Status until you exit System Programming.

This should take care of communications between the panel and the touchscreen. If it does not, you can try deleting the touchscreen from the system and learning it back in. To do this, check out these helpful articles on our support site:

You will not have to perform another push after you do the deletion and relearning.