How to create a No Show Alert


A no-show alert is set up to notify you if the system is not disarmed on a certain day(s) at a specific time. To do this log into your account and select the ''Notifications'' tab, then click on the "New Notification" button.

In the new notification popup select "No-Show Alert"


The next page is where you can set a name for the notification, select the user who has to disarm the system at your designated time and then set the days and the times that they should be disarming the system. Then select the contacts who should get a notification if the system is not disarmed during your specified times by that user. When you are done click "Save".


You can set different notifications; for example, select notifications for Monday and Tuesday at a specific time then save the notification. Then you can set additional notifications; just make sure you SAVE one notification before you try to create another.

You will see this page once you have saved the notification.


If you would like to set sensor activity notifications then please follow this link:

How to set up a Sensor Open/Close Notification