How to Bypass Sensors on the Simon XT Panel

The bypass button turns off some sensors while still allowing arming of all other sensors.

Indirect Bypassing:

  1. Open the door or window for the sensor you'd like to bypass, press Doors+Windows and Motions to arm.
  2. Simon_XT_Bypass_Mini_3.jpg

  3. Panel alerts and audibly speaks open sensors. Press Bypass or Ok to arm.


Direct Bypassing:

  1. Press Doors+Windows and Motions to arm.
  2. Simon_XT_Arm_Away_Mini.jpg

  3. Press Bypass, enter your master code, then press the up or down arrow keys to scroll to Sensors.
  4. Simon_XT_Bypass_Mini_1.jpg

  5. Press Ok or Bypass to bypass and arm.
  6. Simon_XT_Bypass_Mini_2.jpg

To Bypass without Arming:

  1. Press Bypass and enter the master code.
  2. Scroll up or down until you reach the sensor to be bypassed.
    • • The display shows, for example, Sn 1 Front Door on the first line.
  3. Press Enter to bypass the sensor.
    • When a sensor is bypassed, the panel displays "Bypassed" on the second line.