How to Program a Glassbreak Detector to the Simon XT

1. Start with your system in a disarmed state. Press the up or down arrows until you get to System Programming, then press Ok.

Simon_XT_Disarmed.png Simon_XT_System_Programming.png

2. Enter the default installer code 4321, then press Ok to enter the system programming menu, which first displays Access Codes.

Simon_XT_Enter_Code.png Simon_XT_Access_Codes_Main.png

3. Press the up or down arrows until you get to Sensors, then press Ok. The system will display Learn Sensor.

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_01.png Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_02.png

4. Press Ok, then you will be prompted to trip or tamper the sensor you want to learn.

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_02.png Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_03.png

5. Press glassbreak sides then pull cover from body to learn.


6. Grp flashes. Enter 13 for delay, such as for a front door which is delayed after arming, or 13 for instant arming, then press Ok.

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06a_Glassbreak.png Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06aa_Glassbreak.png

7. Sensor name flashes, press up or down arrows to scroll through names, then press Ok to select.

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06a_Glassbreak.png Sensor_Program_06_Garage_Door.png

8. Press 102 to create a space, then press Ok.

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06d_Glassbreak.png Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06e_Glassbreak.png

9. Press up or down arrows to scroll to the next word, then press Ok (up to 16 words).

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06d_Glassbreak.png Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06e_Glassbreak.png

10. When finished press Ok to save.

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06e_Glassbreak.png Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06f_Glassbreak_Trip_Sensor_11.png

11. Press Status several times to exit.