How to Program a Smoke Detector to the Simon XT

1. Start with your system in a disarmed state. Press the up or down arrows until you get to System Programming, then press Ok.

Simon_XT_Disarmed.png Simon_XT_System_Programming.png

2. Enter the default installer code 4321, then press Ok to enter the system programming menu, which first displays Access Codes.

Simon_XT_Enter_Code.png Simon_XT_Access_Codes_Main.png

3. Press the up or down arrows until you get to Sensors, then press Ok. The system will display Learn Sensor.

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_01.png Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_02.png

4. Press Ok, then you will be prompted to trip or tamper the sensor you want to learn.

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_02.png Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_03.png

5. Twist counter-clockwise to remove smoke detector from base to learn.

Smoke Detector Opening Brinks Security Simon XT

6. Simon XT beeps and Grp flashes on screen. Press Ok then enter group 26.

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06a_Glassbreak.png Sensor_Program_Sn_26_Front_Door.png

7. Sensor name flashes, press up or down arrows to scroll through names, then press Ok to select.

Sensor_Program_Sn_26_Front_Door_Highlighted.png Sensor_Program_Sn_26_Smoke_Detector_1.png

8. When finished press Ok to save.

Sensor_Program_Sn_26_Smoke_Detector_2.png Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06f_Glassbreak_Trip_Sensor_11.png

9. Press Status several times to exit.