Simon XT—Sensor Trouble or Failure

About every hour, your sensor send a signal to the Simon XT to confirm it is functioning

If the Simon XT does not hear from a sensor it announces "Failure" when you press STATUS

Common reasons that a sensor will go into "Failure" or "Malfunction" are:

  • Sensor is too far from Simon XT. If the sensor is further than 100' a malfunction may occur
  • Something is causing interference near that sensor or the Simon XT such as
    • Wireless routers, telephones, gaming controllers or doorbells
    • Large metallic objects such as refrigerators, or large screen TV
    • Plaster walls with metal fibers
    • Metal studs in your walls
    • Interior concrete walls
Common solutions:
  • Try relocating a sensor that is not failing to be near the sensor that is failing. If this relocated sensor stops working, this will tell you it is an issue with the location of the sensor. If the relocated sensor works fine next to the non-working sensor, it is likely an issue with the sensor itself.
  • If the problem is with the location, try re-positioning the device higher or lower on the door or window (if a door or window sensor is failing) or higher or lower on the wall (if it is a motion or glassbreak that is failing).
  • If the problem is with the sensor, you will need to replace the sensor as it is defective.
To clear trouble

1. Press STATUS to silence trouble


2. Press DISARM to clear trouble