Simon XTi—Hardwire Siren Installation

Follow the instructions below for connecting hardwired sirens to the Simon XTi.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Connect the black and red wires to the Simon XTi terminals.

2. Remove the screw on top of the panel, push the 2 white tabs on top of panel, then pull the panel toward you to open it.


3. Terminals are located on bottom left-hand corner of the panel. Connect to the terminals described below:

  • • Black wire: connect to HW1 I/0
  • • Red wire: connect to HW1&2 DC Output


4. To connect 4.7K resistor and wires together, follow the instructions below:

  • A. Twist the black wires together and the red wires together.
  • B. Place B-Connector on end of twisted wires and have resistor inserted in B-Connectors.
  • C. Squeeze B-Connectors with pliers to crimp wires and resistor in place.
  • D. This is what it looks like when completed.


5. Change one siren option in the Simon XTi programming as follows:

  • A. Press the settings gear icon, then press the down arrow several times.
  • Enter_Programming_01_Main.jpg Enter_Programming_02_Settings.jpg

  • B. Press Enter by Programming, enter the default installer code 4321 then press Ok.
  • Enter_Programming_03_Programming_Enter.jpg Enter_Programming_04_Enter_Code.jpg

  • C. Press Siren Options, check the box for HW Siren Supervision, then press Close.
  • Programming_-_Siren_Options_01.png Programming_-_Siren_Options_00.jpg

  • D. Press System Options then press HW 1 Function.
  • Programming_-_System_Options_00.jpg Programming_-_System_Options_01.png

    E. Press Exterior Siren, press Save, then press Close several times to exit programming.

    Programming_-_System_Options_02.png Programming_-_System_Options_03.png

    The Simon XTi allows 2 low current hard wired siren. These can be wired parallel to each other

    Note: the alarm control panel will support a maximum of 250 mA.