Simon XTi—Program a Remote Panic

A remote panic, also known as a panic button remote, is a wireless, battery-powered panic button that emits an emergency signal to your security panel if you are within transmission range. These can be worn, similar to a medical pendant, and work similarly to your panel's panic function.

Simon XTi Remote Panic Programming Instructions

  1. Press Setting (the gear icon in the bottom right of the screen), then press the down arrow until you reach Programming.
  2. Enter_Programming_01_Main.jpg Enter_Programming_02_Settings.jpg

  3. Press Enter by Programming, enter the default installer code 4321, then press OK.
  4. Enter_Programming_03_Programming_Enter.jpg Enter_Programming_04_Enter_Code.jpg

  5. Press Sensors, then press Learn Sensor.
  6. Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_01.png Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_02.png

  7. Press the panic button, which will send a signal to the panel. The Simon XTi will beep and display your device's information.
  8. Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_03.png Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_04.png


  9. Press Edit by Sensor Group, enter 1, then press Save to exit.
  10. Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_04b_Sensor_Group.png Edit_Sensor_Group.jpg

  11. Press Edit by Sensor Name, then press Edit by which of up to 3 words you wish to edit.
  12. Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_04c_Sensor_Name.png Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_07_Sensor_Name.png

  13. Scroll words with arrow buttons, press the word to select, press Save, then press Close to exit.
  14. Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_08_Sensor_Name_List_1.png Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_07a_Sensor_Name_Exit.png

  15. Press Close several times to exit programming.
  16. Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_09_Exit_Sensor_Exit Home