Simon XTi - Remote Touchscreen Trouble

"My Touchscreen is not recognizing that windows/doors/motions are being activated, even when the panel says they are".

This type of error is something that we see fairly often. It is generally caused by a communications issue between the panel and the touchscreen. Fortunately, this type of error is generally fixed easily.

The first thing to do is perform a "push" of the communications between the panel and the touchscreens ("Push" is just tech lingo for a communications reset). To do this follow these steps on the main control panel:

1. Press the settings gear, then press the down arrow several times.

Simon XTi Home Security System Settings Simon XTi Home Security System Programming Settings

2. Press Enter by Programming, enter the default installer code 4321, then press Ok.

Brinks Home Security System Programming Brinks Home Security System Access Codes

3. Press Sensors, then press Edit Sensor.

Brinks Home Security System Programming Sensors Brinks Home Security Sensors Edit Sensor

4. Scroll to Touchscreen, press Edit, then press Close to exit.

Brinks Home Security Edit Touchpad or Touchscreen Brinks Home Security System Close Sensor Menu

5. After Please Wait, Processing Request displays and clears, press Close several times to exit.

Simon XTi Processing Request