Simon XTi - Deleting Kwikset Door Locks

1. Press the gear icon at the bottom right, then press the down arrow to scroll down until you see Programming.

Enter_Programming_01_Main.jpg Enter_Programming_02_Settings.jpg

2. Press Enter besides Programming, then enter your master code.

Enter_Programming_03_Programming_Enter.jpg Enter_Programming_04_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press Interactive Services, then press Z-Wave.

Interactive_Services_01_Main_Select.jpg Z-Wave_Add_01_Interactive_Services_Menu.png

4. Press Remove Device to start the deletion process.

Z-Wave_Delete_01.png Z-Wave_Delete_02.png

5. Remove 2 side screws and slide battery cover upward to remove then press left button.

Home Security System Interior Access

6. Simon XTi beeps and displays “Device Deleted”. Press Close to exit.


7. Press Close to exit the Z-Wave menu, then press Close to exit the Interactive Services menu.

Z-Wave_Add_05_Advanced_Menu_Exit.png Z-Wave_Add_06_Z-Wave_Menu_Exit.png

8. Press Close again to exit programming.

Z-Wave_Add_07_Installer_Menu_Exit.png Main_Screen.jpg