Simon XTi - Sensor Groups

To check what group your sensor is assigned to:

1. Press the settings gear, then press the down arrow several times until you get to Programming.

Simon XTI System Settings Simon XTi Scroll Menu

2. Press Enter by Programming, enter the default installer code 4321, then press OK.

Simon_XTI_Sensor_Groups_Programmming_Edit_Request.png Simon XTi Home Security System User Code

3. Press Sensors, then select Edit Sensor.

sensors.png edit_sensor_2.png

4. Press Edit by sensor, then select Sensor Group.

Programming_-_Edit_Sensors_02.png Programming_-_Edit_Sensors_03.png

5. Enter sensor group (see list below), press Save, then Close several times to exit.

Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_06.png Programming_-_Edit_Sensors_03a.png

The following are the most common sensor groups:

  • Group 01 = Remote Panic, Keyfob or Touchpad with Audible Police Panic
  • Group 03 = Remote Panic, Keyfob or Touchpad with Silent Police Panic
  • Group 06 = Remote Panic, Keyfob or Touchpad with Auxiliary Medical Panic
  • Group 10 = Entry and Exit Door
  • Group 13 = Window Sensor
  • Group 14 = Interior Door Sensor
  • Group 17 = Indoor Motion Detector
  • Group 26 = Smoke or Heat Detector
  • Group 29 = Freeze Sensor
  • Group 34 = Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Group 38 = Water Flood Sensor