Simon XTi—Bypass a Sensor

Force Bypassing: while arming your system, if a perimeter sensor is in an open or not ready status, this will allow your system to ignore that sensor.

  1. Open doors or windows you wish to bypass, then press Arm (the lock icon).
  2. Bypass_4_Door_Open.jpg Bypass_01.jpg

  3. Press Arm All. The panel will beep your opened sensors will display.
  4. Arm_02_Away.jpg Bypass_02.jpg

  5. Press Bypass. This will bypass all open sensors.
  6. Bypass_02.jpg Arm_04_Arming.jpg

Direct Bypassing: this is an alternate way of selecting sensors to bypass directly through your panel without opening them first.

  1. Press Setting (the gear on the bottom right), then press Select next to Direct Bypass.
  2. Enter_Programming_01_Main.jpg Bypass_Direct_01.jpg

  3. Press Not Bypassed by the sensor you want to bypass. This will change the button to say Bypassed. When done selecting sensors to bypass, press Close.
  4. Bypass_Direct_02.jpg Bypass_Direct_03.jpg

  5. Press Close again to exit.
  6. Bypass_Direct_04.jpg

  7. Press Arm (the lock icon), then press either Arm All or Doors & Windows Only (Stay).

    Bypass_01.jpg Arm_Stay_or_Away.jpg