Simon XTi - Screen Is Blank

The screen on the Simon XTi will go blank for a few reasons. If you see a green plug in the upper corner you can simply touch the screen to wake it up. All of the alarm system functions will still work during this time as well. Here are a few reasons this will happen:

  1. The panel is set to go back to a blank screen after inactivity rather than the main screen. You can change this by pressing on the gear icon and scrolling down to the Default Screen setting.
  2. The power is out and the panel is running on the backup battery. The screen will go blank after one minute of inactivity when running on battery power.
  3. The panel is running a self test. This will usually occur around 2:00 am.

If you do not see a green plug in the upper corner and cannot wake the screen then most likely the power is out and the backup battery is dead. Check out our article on what to check if the panel is not getting power.