How to Set Up Places

How does Places work?

The Places feature of the Brinks Home™ Mobile App provides users a variety of smart home automation rules and reminders based on the user's physical proximity to the alarm system. Physical proximity is established by setting up a virtual “fence”, or geo-fence, around the alarm system's location, and automation cues are triggered by passing over the boundary of this virtual fence.

Current features include:

  • • Arming reminders: Alerts when the system is armed or disarmed based on entering or leaving the geo-fence.
  • • Thermostat control: Automatically adjusts to a target temperature on a Z-Wave thermostat based on entering or leaving the geo-fence.
  • • Automate video recording: Turn your video recording on/off based on entering or leaving the geo-fence.

Follow the steps below to enable Places:

1. In the Brinks Home Mobile App, select the menu icon (3-line icon), then scroll down and select Places.

IMG_3162.PNG IMG_3163.PNG

2. Select Go to location settings, toggle on Location Services, and confirm by pressing Enable.

IMG_3164.PNG IMG_3165.PNG IMG_3166.PNG

Note: If you are prompted to, follow the Go to Settings button to allow location services and make sure the location is set to the Always option.

IMG_3168.PNG IMG_3169.PNG IMG_3170.PNG

3. When you return to the app, you will now have a 1-mile radius automatically created around your system's address. To create a new place, select the + in the top right corner and enter the address or drag to your desired location. From there you can increase or decrease the size of the radius using two fingers to pinch in or out.

IMG_3173.PNG IMG_3174.PNG

This brief instructional video demonstrates how to successfully set up Places in the Brinks Home Mobile App.