IQ Panel—Add Duress Code

1. Press the Settings icon at the bottom left and enter your master code, then press User Management.

001a User Code 01 Disarmed 275x165 001b User Code 01a Enter Code 275x165 001c Enable Duress 05 Select User Management 275x165

2. Swipe down to the bottom of the user management list, then press the pencil icon by 240 Duress.

002a Enable Duress 06 User Menu 1 275x165 002b Enable Duress 07 User Menu 2 275x165

3. Press User Code.  Select the Delete button to erase any old duress codes, then enter the new duress code. Press Next.

003a Enable Duress 08 Duress Main 275x165 003b Enable Duress 09 Erase Old Duress Code 275x165 003c Enable Duress 10 Enter Duress Code 275x165

4. Press the Delete button to erase the old code again, then enter the new duress code again. Press Done, then select the Save button to exit.

004a Enable Duress 11 Erase Confirm Duress Code 275x165 004b Enable Duress 12 Confirm Duress Code 275x165

5. Press the Back icon twice or the Home button to exit.

005a Enable Duress 14 Exit 275x165 005b Enable Duress 15 Exit Programming 275x165 005c Disarm 03 Home Screen 275x165