IQ Panel - Change Sensor Settings

1. Press Settings, then enter the default installer code 1111.

Enter_Programming_01.png Enter_Programming_02.png

2. Press Installation, then press Security Sensors.

Learn_Sensor_01_Installation.jpg Learn_Sensor_02_Security_Sensors.jpg

3. Press Edit Sensor, then press the pencil icon to the right of the sensor.

Edit_Sensor_00.png Edit_Sensor_01_List.png

4. Press Sensor Type, then select the type of sensor.

Edit_Sensor_04_Sensor_Type.png Edit_Sensor_04a_Sensor_Type.png

5. Press Sensor Name, then select the name or press Custom Description.

Edit_Sensor_05_Descriptor.png Edit_Sensor_05a_Descriptor.png

6. If Customer Description was selected, enter the sensor name, then press Done.


7. Press Chime Type then select the desired chime.

Edit_Sensor_06_Sensor_Chime_Types.png Edit_Sensor_06a_Sensor_Chime_Types.png

8. Press Sensor Group, then select the sensor type.

Edit_Sensor_07_Sensor_Groups.png Edit_Sensor_07a_Sensor_Groups.png

9. Press Voice Prompts and choose On or Off to enable or disable voice chimes.

Edit_Sensor_08_Voice_Prompts.png Edit_Sensor_08a_Voice_Prompts.png

10. Press Save, then press Back or the home button to exit.

Edit_Sensor_09_Save.png WiFi_Enable_09_Exit.jpg