IQ Panel - Image Sensor Test

1. Press Settings, then enter the default installer code 1111.

Enter Programming 01 (2023) Enter Programming 02 (2023)

2. Press System Tests, then press Image Sensor Config.

System_Tests__2_.jpg Image_Sensor_Config_.jpg

3. Press View next to your image sensor, then press Sensor Tests.

IS_Sensor_Test.jpg Image_Sensor_Screen.jpg

4. Press Start PIR Test, then press Close to confirm and begin the 3 minute test.

PIR_Test.jpg Image_Sensor_Test_In_Progress.png

5. Walk back and forth in-front of image sensor, and the LED flashes when movement is detected.


6. When finished, press Back or Home to exit.

Image_Sensor_Test_Exit.png Home_Button.jpg