How to edit sensor information


1. Press Picture29.jpg or Picture30.jpg button until SYSTEM PROGRAMMING then press Picture31.jpg

Picture2.png Picture3.jpg Picture4.png

2. Enter the Installer Code 4321 (Call Brinks Home Security if this code is different)

Picture5.png Picture6.jpg Picture7.png

3. Press Picture32.jpg or Picture33.jpg button until SENSORS then press Picture34.jpg

Picture8.png Picture9.jpg Picture10.png

4. Press Picture35.jpg or Picture36.jpg button until EDIT SENSOR then press Picture37.jpg

Picture11.png Picture12.jpg Picture13.png

5. Press Picture38.jpg or Picture39.jpg button to scroll sensors then press Picture40.jpg to select

Picture14.png Picture15.jpg Picture16.png

6. Grp flashes, enter new Sensor Group Number then press Picture41.jpg (See list at bottom of page)

Picture17.png Picture18.jpg Picture19.png

7. 1st sensor word flashes, enter new word 000 to 128 or scroll words with Picture42.jpg or Picture43.jpg then Picture44.jpg

Picture20.png Picture21.jpg Picture22.png

8. 2nd sensor word flashes enter new word 000 to 128 or scroll words with Picture45.jpg or Picture46.jpg then Picture47.jpg

Picture23.png Picture24.jpg Picture25.png

9. When finished press STATUS button several times to exit