Add Camera using the Brinks Home™ Mobile App

Note: The camera must first be connected to Wi-Fi.

Video Instructions:

1. Log in to the Brinks Home™ Mobile App and press Video.

001a_Mobile_App_Home_Clean.jpg 001b_Mobile_App_Menu_Clean.jpg

2. Select Settings by pressing the gear icon in the upper, right-hand corner.


3. Select Add Video Device, then select your compatible device type.

003a_Mobile_App_Add-Video_Clean.jpg 003b_Mobile_App_Select-Device_Clean

4. The camera should be detected. Enter the camera name, then select Next.


5. The camera may take several minutes to configure.

005a_Mobile_App_Connect_Device_Clean.jpg 005b_Mobile_App_Verify_LED_Clean.jpg

6. When finished, select Live View to view images from a newly installed camera.


Once you add your camera, you may wish to set up recording rules. Click here for instructions.