PG9303 Door/Window Sensor Guide


  • • Communication protocol: PowerG
  • • Antenna: built-in inverted-F antenna
  • • Size: 2.6" high x 1.2" wide x 0.4" deep
  • • Operating temperature: 14°F to 131°F
  • • Battery requirements: one 3-volt lithium CR2450

DSC PG9303 PowerG Wireless Door Window Magnetic Contact White


  • • Magnetic contact housed in compact casing for discrete design
  • • Ultra long battery-life estimated up to 6 years
  • • Reliable two-way 128-bit AES encrypted communication
  • • Communication protocol that blocks interference

Installation Steps:

  1. Peel the release liners off the two strips of double-sided adhesive tape and attach the tape to the back of the device and the magnet.
  2. PG9303 Adhesive Placement

  3. Place the larger sensor portion on the frame of a door or window and place the magnet on the moving surface of the door or window. Ensure the markings on both the sensor and the magnet line up and are within 1/4" of each other when the door or window is closed.
  4. PG9303 Magnet and Sensor Placement on Frame

  5. The sensor is now ready to be added to your panel. Follow the link below for instructions:
  6. How to Program a Door/Window Sensor to an IQ Panel 2

For additional information relating to your device, click the following link to view the original manufacturer's user guide or installation manual: PG9303 Manual