How to Avoid False Recordings

Are you burning through recording time with clips of squirrels and falling leaves? Follow the steps below to change your video settings to avoid false recordings.

1. Log in to the Brinks Home App here.

001a Login Brinks Home Security App

2. Click Video, then Settings, and lastly Video Motion Detection.

002a Home Security Path to Video Motion Detection

3. Use your cursor to draw a box identifying where you want the camera to focus. This is called a video motion detection (VMD) window. These windows should be small thin boxes that do not overlap, and placed in high-traffic areas that you want monitored.

003a Video Motion Detection Draw Box

4. Select the VMD window you'd like to edit and adjust the sensitivity setting. A high sensitivity will allow more motion to be detected by the camera and more clips to be captured.

004a Sensitivity

5. Adjust the percentage in the Target Size dropdown. This represents the percentage of the VMD window that must detect motion in order for a clip to be recorded. Setting a small target size percentage will allow smaller items to trigger recordings and will result in more clips.

005a Target Size

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

006a Save VMD Rule

7. Repeat these same steps for additional VMD windows.