How to Create a Scene


Within your Brinks Home™ Mobile App you'll find four ready-made scenes: Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up. Each scene is configured for a moment in the day where you need to adjust several things at once: arriving home, leaving the house, going to bed and getting up in the morning. All four scenes are easy to customize. Here's how to do it.

1. Getting Started.

You can create Scenes in both the desktop and mobile versions of the Brinks Home app. We're going to use the mobile version. If you prefer to set up a Scene on your desktop head here.

Log into your Brinks Home Mobile App, click the menu in the upper left hand corner, then click Scenes.


You'll see four pre-set Scenes, which you can edit from this page. To create a new one, click the plus sign in the upper right hand corner.


2. Create a button for your Scene.

We're going to create a 'Movie' Scene that makes things comfortable for movie viewing after the kids have gone to bed. Enter your Scene name in the space provided. You can also change the icon and the color for your new Scene.


3. Specify what your Scene will do.

Under your Scene name, you’ll see the list of devices in your Scene. To add new devices, click the Add+ button, then specify what you want the device to do.

For example, we want our Movie Scene to set the security system to Arm Stay, with the front door locked.


Movies require a blanket, so we're turning the temperature down for this Scene.


Finally, we're going to have the hallway lights and living room lamp turn off, for perfect movie ambiance.


4. Use your new Scene.

Click Save to confirm your Scene. You'll see it with the others on the Scenes page.

Head back to the home screen of your app, and your Scene will be there. Swipe left on the Scenes bar to find the new button, and tap once. On the confirmation pop-up, you can see all of the commands you specified. Tap Confirm... and enjoy your Scene!