How to Add a Z-Wave Device to the Simon XT

1. Hold the Star button (*) for 10 seconds to open the Z-Wave menu.



2. Hold the 1 key for 10 seconds. The Simon XT enters Z-Wave learn mode.


Simon_XT_Z-Wave_Add_03.png Simon_XT_Z-Wave_Add_04.png

3. Press the mate/pair button on the device you wish to add. Below is a non-exhaustive list of examples. To skip to step 4, click here.


  • GE Jasco Plug-in Light Appliance Module:
  • Double click the Mate button.
  • JE_Jasco_Mate_Button_2_BH_Blue_Arrow_Indicator.jpg

  • GE Jasco Wall Dimmer Switch:
  • Turn light switch on and off.
  • Wall_Dimmer_Switch.jpg

  • GE Wall AC Outlet:
  • Double click the center button.
  • Wall_Outlet.jpg

  • Schlage Deadbolt Door Lock:
  • 1. Enter the 6-digit program code provided in the Schlage documentation.
  • 2. Press the Schlage logo/button, then press 0.
  • Schlage_1.png

  • Kwikset Deadbolt Door Lock:
  • Open battery compartment cover and press the SmartCode button.
  • Door_Lock_11.jpgDoor_Lock_11a.jpg

  • Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock:
  • 1. Touch the screen to activate it.
  • 2. Enter the 8-digit master pin code, then press the gear icon for settings. The lock should sound a happy tone.

  • 3. Press 7 then press the gear icon again. The lock should sound another happy tone.
  • 4. Press 1 then press the gear icon again. The lock should sound a happy tone, then exit.
  • Door_Lock_10.jpg

  • ADC-T2000 Thermostat:
  • 1. Press the Mode button to display the temperature. Press Mode until heat/cool icons disappear.
  • T2000_Setup_02.jpg

  • 2. Hold the Down Arrow until the Radio Wave icon appears below the temperature display.
  • T2000_Setup_03.jpg

  • ADC-T3000 Thermostat
  • 1. Press the Menu button to display the menu, then press the Down Arrow until Settings displays.
  • Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_00.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_01.jpg

  • 2. Press the Enter button to select, then press the Down Arrow until Network displays.
  • Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_02.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_03.jpg

  • 3. Press the Enter button to select, then press the Up or Down Arrow to highlight Add.
  • Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_04.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_05b.jpg

  • 4. Press the Enter button to select and start Z-Wave learn mode.
  • Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_05.jpg Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_06.jpg

  • 5. Learning may take up to 1 minute to complete and exit.
  • Alarm.com_ADC-T3000_Learn_07.jpg

Radio Thermostat CT-20 and GE Basic Thermostat:

  • Remove the top cover, then press the Mate button.
  • Radio_Thermostat_CT20_Learn_2.jpg

Radio Thermostat CT30, CT100, CT101 Thermostat:

  • 1. Press the Menu button, r1 displays and Mate appears under the antenna icon.
  • Radio_Thermostat_CT100_01.jpg Radio_Thermostat_CT100_01.jpg

  • 2. Press Mate under the antenna which flashes. Link displays when successful. Press Menu to exit.
  • Radio_Thermostat_CT100_04.jpg Radio_Thermostat_CT100_Link.jpg

Radio Thermostat CT110 Thermostat:

  • Press the left side Antenna button.
  • Radio_Thermostat_CT110.jpg

GoControl or RCS Technologies TBZ-48 Thermostat:

  • 1. Hold the Fan button for 5 seconds until Setup displays, then press the Up Arrow button until ZWAVE displays.
  • GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_01.jpg GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_02.jpg

  • 2. Press the Mode button to select, then press the Mode button again to learn.
  • GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_03.jpg GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_04.jpg

  • 3. Once successful, press the Fan button to exit. The antenna icon appears by the temperature display.

    GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_05.jpg GoControl_Thermostat_Learn_06.jpg

  • Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat:
  • Press the Left button twice, then scroll to Z-Wave Install. Press the Select button.
  • Trane

  • Qolsys IQ Thermostat:
  • Hold the Home button for 2 seconds until NOC displays, then press the Program button until Srh displays.
  • 1.png2.png

  • The thermostat displays done once successful. Press the Home button to exit.
  • 3.png 4.png

  • Linear GoControl G00Z Garage Door Controller:

  • Press the Mate button. The controller beeps once, then 3 times once successful.
  • Linear_GD00Z-7_Garage_Door_Controller.jpg


    4. When successful, the Simon XT beeps and displays the number of devices in memory.

    Simon_XT_Z-Wave_Add_05.png Simon_XT_Z-Wave_Add_07.png

    5. Hold # for 10 seconds to exit.