IQ Panel - Disarm Image Notifications

The IQ Panel has a built-in camera that takes photos when the panel is disarmed, saving it in the "camera" app along with the date, time and whether or not a valid code was used.

  • From your IQ Panel you can see a picture of who disarmed your system, who's code they used, and what day/time they did it.
  • If your alarm is triggered, your panel will capture images during the event.
  • The IQ Panel built-in camera takes disarm photos and sends them to your smart devices.

Enable Panel

To verify that Disarm Images are enabled, click the gray bar at the top of the home screen.

  • Then go to Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Enter the Installer Code
  • Installation
  • Camera Settings

See the table below for all available options and their default values:

Brinks Home Security Camera Options - Settings and Surveillance Settings

Setup Notification

1. Log-in to Brinks Interactive account (also known as

2. Go to Automation. Once logged-in, click on the Automation option on the left side menu.

Brinks Home desktop app automation rules

3. Enable the Rule. This notification is enabled in Rules. Click the Rules option at the top of the page, find the rule titled "Capture Panel Camera Disarm Images". Enable the rule. Then click the "Edit" icon.

4. Choose notification recipients. In the edit screen, the only option available is choosing who will receive these notifications. Click "Add Recipient". You can choose from a list of available email and SMS recipients, or you can choose to add a new one.