Automate Your Smart Lights

Below are instructions on how to add an automation rule to control your smart lights:

  1. Log in to your Brinks Home™ Desktop App.
  2. Login Brinks Home Security App

  3. Click on Automation.
  4. Click Add New Rule.
  5. 003a Brinks Home-Home Security Rule Creation

  6. Select Event-Triggered Rule.
  7. Add a name for the rule.
  8. Select when you want the rule to occur—examples are below:
    • • The system is armed/disarmed
    • • Sensor activity
    • • Garage door open/closed
    • • People cross a Geo-Fence
  9. Select what action should be performed—examples are below:
    • • Turn the light off
    • • Trigger the light on
  10. Select the specific light or lights you want to trigger.
  11. Select the timeframe in which you want this rule to be active.
    • • At all times
    • • Only during the following times
  12. Click Save.
  13. 007a Brinks Home-Home Security Automation Rule-Complete

  14. Test your new automation rule.