Kwikset Obsidian—Resolving a Malfunction

Resolving Errors on a New Device:

If this error occurs on a newly installed device, it is usually an indication that the Z-Wave device is too far from the panel to maintain a signal.

Determine if a signal extender may be your best option. Most Z-Wave devices that plug into a power outlet can be used to relay a Z-Wave signal.

You can test if this will resolve the issue by bringing panel closer to the Z-Wave Device, if it is powered by backup battery. Clear the error and see if the issue continues.

Resolving Errors on a Pre-Existing Device:

Survey the areas between the device and the rest of the network. If newly added devices have been placed near or between the network connections, there is a potential for signal interference.

To test for signal interference, remove any newly added devices or turn them off temporarily, and see if this resolves the error.

Otherwise, if the error occurs on a device that has been installed for a long time, it may be that the batteries are too low to maintain a signal.

Learn how to replace the batteries in the Kwikset Obsidian door lock here: Kwikset Obsidian—Battery Replacement.

You will also need to clear the error from the panel memory. Select your panel below to view instructions: